My name is Lauren and I’m a gratitude addict

Gratitude Addict is COMING SOON!  Feel free to check out this sample of the site and come back starting JANUARY 1, 2017 to be a part of a gratitude revolution!  Sign up below to get alerts and gratitude in your inbox.  See you in January! – Lauren

I am.  It’s true.

And that’s kind of why I’m starting a blog, believe it or not.

Let me explain…

I’ve been doing something that I call my “Gratitude Project” for the entire year of 2016.  I challenged myself to write something ON FACEBOOK that I am grateful for every day for the entire year.

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Today I am grateful for my enthusiasm!

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always aware that I end most of my sentences with an exclamation point!  When I did realize it awhile back, I tried to be conscientious of it mindful of how many I use so I don’t sound like I’m yelling everything. But honestly, I couldn’t find many sentences to take them off of in my writing! I get excited about things a lot!!!

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