My name is Lauren and I’m a gratitude addict

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I am.  It’s true.

And that’s kind of why I’m starting a blog, believe it or not.

Let me explain…

I’ve been doing something that I call my “Gratitude Project” for the entire year of 2016.  I challenged myself to write something ON FACEBOOK that I am grateful for every day for the entire year.

I wanted to do it as a method for cultivating gratitude in my life.  I’ve always been a positive person (well…um….actually there was a period between 2009-2013 where I lost my positive mojo.  Stay tuned for the gory, juicy details on that), but I wanted a more formal gratitude practice.  And rather than doing the gratitude journal thing, I was going to make mine public….which was slightly terrifying.  I  didn’t care if people read it or not, I just felt like making it public and putting it out into the universe was something that I needed to do.

I had two rules:

  • I couldn’t repeat (if possible)
  • I couldn’t use anything materialistic (like my iPhone or laptop)

When I embarked on it, I was definitely a bit nervous.  I fully expected people to get sick of my daily posts.  I was even prepared for some to unfriend me!  But I went outside of my comfort zone and did it anyway.

What happened next was not expected….I was getting people reading and commenting every day.  I had FANS!  I even had friends asking if I would friend their friends and family members so they could be a part of my daily gratitudes!

Wow!  So humbling!  And really, REALLY surprising to me.

But anyway….I found a voice.  And it seems as though some people find my voice important.

My Aunt Betty and several other people have been lovingly harassing me  to write a book and put all of my gratitudes in it.  I’ve been brushing them all off and saying “I’ll explore it when the year is up.”

And now I look at the month on the calendar and say, “Wake up sister! The year is almost up!!!”  What to do, what to do?

Wait!  A blog!  A blog may be the perfect next step!  If people enjoy my voice and find that it’s what they need to hear, they can find it here!  I know a lot of people start with blogs and then graduate to books if the blogs are popular.

I’m brutally honest when it comes to myself.  I completely own my story and I’m not embarrassed by it.  At all.  As a matter of fact, there’s something deep in my inner core that actually yearns to tell others my truth.  Maybe it’s sadistic…maybe it’s that I’m hoping to help someone else….I dunno.

My hope is that by sharing my truth with you all, you may come down with a case of the “me toos”  through my gratitudes.  I feel for us to be able to fully love ourselves and to develop true connections with others, we’ve gotta let down our hair, stop trying to portray some kind of perfect person who doesn’t exist, and just lay it out on the table…ugly warts and all.

So here it is.  My blog. My ugly warts.

I’m a gratitude addict.  I love gratitude…AND I’m an addict!  (Got your attention with that?  Stay tuned!!!!)

Peace & Love

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