Today I am grateful for my enthusiasm!

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always aware that I end most of my sentences with an exclamation point!  When I did realize it awhile back, I tried to be conscientious of it mindful of how many I use so I don’t sound like I’m yelling everything. But honestly, I couldn’t find many sentences to take them off of in my writing! I get excited about things a lot!!!


I do get enthusiastic about things quite a bit which I think is often a good quality (although sometimes not…..let’s not talk of some of my failed business ventures over the years. ha-ha)

When I find a book I love…..I tell the world! A favorite product? Same thing! Maybe it’s a people pleasing thing, but I genuinely think that I just like seeing people happy. I can’t even imagine being in Oprah’s position and having to do a “Lauren’s Favorite Things” show because:

a: I would have too many things that I would choose and then have to give away to my studio audience and it would drain my multi-million dollar empire (this COULD happen.)

b: As I would be announcing each item, I would be screaming in so many exclamation points that my voice would give out or I would just pass out…whichever came first.

In all seriousness, I think my enthusiasm helps me a lot in being a grateful person. I love this life. And even with all of the not-so-pretty things I’m faced with every day, I will NEVER lose my zest for the beautiful things I’m blessed with. And I want to tell EVERYONE about them! lol

I saw the quote at the top of my page earlier in the year and I immediately saved it because it just made me think…YES! I DO love the crap out of everything!!!!! And that’s okay!

Don’t be afraid to get excited or enthusiastic about things!  Spend time with enthusiastic people!  Act like a kid again and lose the filter that you grew somewhere between childhood and adulthood.

What are you enthusiastic about?



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